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Ashes, placed in the patented waterurn will be returned to the earth by incoming rainwater.

The groundwater will take the ashes on a perpetual journey.

The waterurn: "a natural return to nature..."

The Memorial Monument

A final farewell brings back cherished memories. Memories of what once was and what has gone before. After a dignified farewell at the cemetery you face a difficult choice: what will you do with the ashes?

  A natural return to nature

With the waterurn you can choose to give your memories a place in your life. Placed discreetly where you prefer, this beautiful bronze waterurn releases the ashes gradually back into the earth.


The ashes of your loved one are placed inside the urn. The urn catches the rain water which then comes in contact with the ashes. The patented system allows the ashes to be gradually released into the groundwater.



This beautiful waterurn is available in several styles of patina. Please see our website for the available colours. The waterurn can accommodate the ashes of two deceased loved ones and the process is only triggered when you want it to begin. A special inscription on the urn can be arranged according to your wishes.