Waterurn B.V. - Memorial monument

After a cremation many families have to face the difficult decision of what to do with the ashes. Scattering the ashes on an urn field is the most common choice. But this is a farewell that is short and final. You are left without a private place to seek support, to express your feelings or to just simply spend your time in solitude.

The waterurn gives you an opportunity to allow your memories a place in your life. This patented urn will release the ashes of your loved one gradually into the earth. Placed discreetly where you prefer, this beautiful bronze waterurn can have a special place in your life; on that one spot in the garden where the first morning sun falls, in the shade of that beautiful tree, at the waterside of the beloved pond or perhaps placed on a pedestal, surrounded by flowers.

You can, of course, also place the urn in a cemetery or on an urnfield.

Your waterurn can also be fitted with a personal inscription.

We are more than willing to tell you of all the other possibilities.


In your garden In your garden

Maybe the waterside of your pond is a special memorial place for you. A favourite tree, a flower-rich corner of the garden. You choose the most suitable place for you.

On a pedestal On a pedestal

The waterurn can be placed on a pedestal. Waterurn BV can make this pedestal for you. There are so many possibilities that we will be happy to discuss with you.

An inscription An inscription

Your waterurn can be engraved with a special inscription. This can be done either before or after placing the ashes.

Urnfield Urnfield

Of course is it also possible to place the waterurn in a cemetery or on an urn field.