Waterurn B.V. - Philosophy

A natural farewell and a natural return to nature

Every person is unique. Every human being has his own way of dealing with grief. More and more people nowadays are cremated after their death. At a certain point the question arises what to do with one's loved one's ashes. Often, the ashes are scattered or placed in an urn. Many people experience the scattering of the ashes as an abrupt goodbye. A painful parting that suddenly becomes final. As a result, there is no longer an opportunity to pay one's respects or to seek support.

The waterurn gives you a personal solution. With the waterurn you can choose to give your memories a place in your life. This beautiful urn can be placed in a natural environment of your choice as an artful symbol containing a world of memories.
The waterurn makes it possible to cherish your memories your way, on your own time, in your favourite place.

This is a natural farewell and a natural return to nature...