Waterurn B.V. - Procedure

The principle of the waterurn

The waterurn is a bronze sphere placed on top of a tube approximately five feet in length. The urn can be placed in your own garden and offers sufficient space for the ashes of at least one loved one. Adding the ashes of another loved one is possible, even after several years. The built-in system uses rain water to cause the ashes to be gradually released via the tube to the earth. Once started, this process takes place over a period of approximately ten years (depending on rainfall).

The waterurn makes it possible to cherish your memories your way, on your own time, in your favourite place.


procedureThe process

The waterurn has a diameter of about forty centimetres.
There are several compartments in the interior of the sphere. The lowest compartment can accommodate the ashes of two loved ones.
Rainwater gradually seeps in through two narrow, circular grooves and comes into contact with the ashes.

The ashes are then gradually released into the earth, along with the water. It takes about ten years before the ashes are completely delivered to the earth. Thus, in time, the sphere becomes a cherished garden ornament.

The process starts only once you decide it must. This can be arranged by an employee of Waterurn BV at the time the urn is installed, or at a later stage.

After the placing of the ashes in the urn by Waterurn BV, the urn can not be opened again. Only employees of Waterurn BV can open the urn to activate the process, or to add the ashes of a second loved one. In this manner, safety and discretion are guaranteed.


Installation at your home

Once you have selected your waterurn, you can make an appointment for the placement of the ashes and the installation of the urn. Waterurn BV will make arrangements for the installation at your home at a time that is suitable for you.